This 3d home is very simply made for kids. Only three designed sheets are needed to make this little 3D craft pieces.
You need pencil and scale to draw lines and colour of your choice. Now draw the outline as shown in the pattern drawn on the paper and colour them. Draw a door and two windows on the pattern for main side of 3D home. For left and right sits there are some relatively bigger windows.

Now follow Pattern No.2, which contain the back side wall with two windows on it. Pattern 3 is roof after suitable colouring, draw a line right in the center and fold this along this line.
You have noted there is extra page edges in the patterns No.1 and 2 paste here glue.
Now you can easily understand how to manage these templates to make a beautiful 3 D home.

Guide Patterns

Pattern 1 for 3d home Pattern 2 3d home

Pattern for flore final 3d home

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