Epson PictureMate 200 is a very stylish and aesthetically appealing inkjet printer. The color of the Epson PictureMate 200 is white and silver. The shape of the PictureMate 200 is very unconventional. Epson PictureMate 200 is an all in one inkjet printer which can conveniently copy, scan and print for you. The printing technology used by the Epson PictureMate 200 ink cartridges is thermal inkjet technology.

The control panel of the Epson PictureMate 200 is simple and straight forward. The controls offered by the Epson PictureMate 200 allow you to easily manage all the functions of your printer. Epson PictureMate 200 is compliant with the ENERGY Star eco friendly products. The scanner used by the PictureMate 200 is a flat bed scanner. The technology used by the scanner is CIS. The scanner can scan with excellent pixel density. The scanner can scan upto 600 X 1200 dpi for optical resolution. For interpolated scanning you can get a scan of upto 9600 X 9600 dpi resolution. The gray scale depth offered by the scanner is 16 bit and the color depth of the PictureMate 200 scanner is 48 bit. Epson PictureMate 200 can copy black text at speeds of 15 pages per minute and you can copy colored documents at speeds of 6 pages per minute. There are also options available for changing the size of the copy that you want to get. You can get an enlarged copy of the original document of upto a size of 400%. You can also reduce the size of the copy upto 25%. The maximum number of copies that you can instruct your printer copier to copy at one time is 99. Epson PictureMate 200 ink cartridges can print on a number of different printing media including cards, banner, labels, photo paper, plain paper, coated paper, transparencies and iron on transfers. There is also a PictBridge port to connect your digital camera with the Epson PictureMate 200 and directly print from your camera. The printer can print upto 2400 X 1200 dpi pixel density for mono printing and 4800 X 1200 dpi for colored printing. The printing speeds of the Epson PictureMate 200 are also excellent and you can get printing speeds of upto 17 pages per minute for mono text printing and 9 pages per minute for color printing.

Epson PictureMate 200 ink cartridges can print good quality photo and text

Original Epson PictureMate 200 ink cartridges can print excellent quality photos and documents. The quality of ink used by Epson PictureMate 200 cartridges is very good. Using original or excellent quality Epson PictureMate 200 cartridges will ensure reliability print. With good quality Epson ink cartridges, your printer will give you trouble free service. However using cheap quality ink cartridges will not bring you that peace of mind as an inkjet printer user.

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