Epson Colour 400 is a stylish and easy to use inkjet printer made by Epson. Colour 400 is a straight forward inkjet printer for the entry level inkjet printer users. Epson uses both colored and black Epson Colour 400 ink cartridges. Epson Colour 400 can conveniently print both the colored as well as black documents without any problem.

Epson Colour 400 is a very compact in size inkjet printer. The dimensions of Colour 400 are; Width: 17 inches, Height: 4.9 inches and Depth: 8.5 inches. Epson Colour 400 is a very light weight inkjet printer which makes it a very portable printer. The approximate weight of the Epson Colour 400 is 5.3 lbs. Epson Colour 400 has a mix of white and gray color. The overall white gives the Colour 400 a very modern and sleek look. The smaller size of Epson Colour 400 makes it an easy fit on any working desk. Epson Colour 400 is compatible with commonly used versions of both Windows as well as Macintosh operating systems. Epson Colour 400 prints beyond the ability of the inkjet printers of its class. You can easily get borderless prints with your Epson Colour 400 inkjet printer. Colour 400 also has the optional feature of printing high quality photos of 6 colors. Epson ink cartridges used in the Epson Colour 400 can do a number of different printing jobs for you with convenience. The printing speeds offered by the Epson Colour 400 considering it as a lower end market inkjet print is still very good. You can attain a maximum printing speed of upto 12 pages per minute for the black text printing and for colored printing you can print upto 3 pages per minute. Epson Colour 400 can print documents of various sizes. The maximum resolution of printing that your Epson Colour 400 can give you is 4800 dpi. Epson Colour 400 ink cartridges use four colors for printing.

Buy Quality Epson Colour 400 Ink Cartridges

Original Epson Colour 400 ink cartridges use excellent quality ink. Using original Epson Colour 400 cartridges will mean better printing results. There are many alternates to original Epson Colour 400 cartridges. Always remember that using original Colour 400 ink cartridges will ensure reliability and dependability of the printer. Never use substandard and cheap Epson Colour 400 ink cartridges which will not only hamper the quality of the prints that you get from your Epson Colour 400 ink printer but they might also damage your Epson Colour 400 inkjet printer.
Epson Colour 400 is a good inkjet printer and excellent for inkjet printers who want a low operating cost inkjet printer.

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