The ink of Epson ink cartridges is claimed to have been optimized to produce best results and quality for the company believes in providing the best to their customers. Epson ink works with Epson printers and their specialty paper. An interesting claim from the company is that a picture printed from Epson printer will retain its original color and quality for as long as 200 years. The ink used in Epson ink cartridges is quick to dry.

Today in the corporate sector the quality of printouts is the first impression in front of the customer which exhibits the standard of the company. In it is up to the printer user which is best for him original or compatible Epson printer ink cartridges. You need to bear a little cost in the form of price difference between the two types of cartridges for getting valuable results. User should read the instructions for any specific Epson printer model regarding the ink level checking in the cartridges. This would be better for you to prevent from replacing ink if the cartridges have enough ink. Modern techniques are used in the formation of cartridges which make assure the smooth flow of ink. Original epson ink dry quickly on any type or media and never smudge even on rough papers.

Epson printer cartridges are available in a variety of colours permitting the colourful, vivid prints for presentations, assignments, projects etc. Epson ink cartridges are modernly engineered; a user gets informed when the cartridge is running low on ink. They are small in size and take minimum of a printer's space.

Epson printers come with original Epson ink cartridges. For every Epson printer, there is a specific Epson inkjet cartridge. Epson printers are unique and different from other Thermal type printers in that they use Micro Piezo Ink cartridges. Electrical signals are sent to Micro Piezo which fires ink drops during printing and thus there is a minimum ink waste. Epson ink cartridge is designed to function in accordance with the Epson printer. As the ink drops are fired, Ink cartridge supplies new ink to printer head.

In simple words, Epson printers are Ink cartridge specific. An Ink cartridge from one Epson printer cannot work on another range of Epson printer. If you are looking to get the best results from your Epson printer, you have to pick and choose the specific Epson printer cartridge for that. Epson ink cartridges are refillable and recyclable.

Users are advised to properly dispose of the used Epson ink cartridges to prevent accumulation of biowaste. In this way, they can contribute towards prevention of biohazards.
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